TickiT® products are designed and developed in the UK in conjunction with educationalists, providing open learning resources for pre-school and primary age children. Our products are available from all good educational suppliers worldwide. Please visit our Where to Buy page or complete the Contact Us form if you would like to know more.



Translucent Cube Set

Stacking cubes in 3 sizes and 6 colours, ideal for use on a light panel to explore attributes, for stacking, and for grouping and pattern or sequencing activities.

Size of large cube: 48mm.


Translucent Module Blocks

Interlocking building blocks in 6 colours and 4 sizes, ideal for improving fine motor skills through imaginative play. Colourful constructions look even more striking when built on a light panel. Includes 2 baseboards and storage container.

Size of largest brick: 64 x 32 x 24mm.


Translucent Colour Blocks

Mixed building blocks in 6 colours and 6 shapes, including circular and rectangular pillars, triangular prisms, cubes and bridges. Includes storage container.

Size of cube: 33mm.



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