TickiT® products are designed and developed in the UK in conjunction with educationalists, providing open learning resources for pre-school and primary age children. Our products are available from all good educational suppliers worldwide. Please visit our Where to Buy page or complete the Contact Us form if you would like to know more.

Our new colour-changing water table brings a whole new perspective to water exploration and sensory discovery. Providing a soft light which changes colour using the remote control, the well can be filled with water, jelly, foam or translucent objects for a wide variety of ways to explore light, colour and sensory play. The sturdy but lightweight design is beautiful as well as practical: it can be moved easily between locations indoors or outside, is easy to clean, and is ideal for individual focus work or collaborative play.


Charging is via the safe low voltage 5V DC unit supplied. An 8-hour charge cycle provides an average of 10 hours of light, inside or out. The unit is water resistant rated IP65.


Can be used with Exploration Circle Cover 38075 to keep contents clean and dry. Product in development – finished item may vary slightly.



Size: 580 x 800mm dia.





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